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Linear Actuator-OKSJ
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2011-7-13 8:52:06
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Applications: sofa/recliner/pets bed
Push Force:MAX.6000N
Pull Force:MAX.4000N
Speed range :4-36mm/s
Stroke range:10-350mm
Inner limited switch :Two limited switches
Installation dimensions:S+140mm
Duty cycle:10%~6min per hour or 2min at continuous use at full load
Protection class:IP32
Ambient temperature :-5℃~+40℃
Relative humidity:20%~75%
Color: Shell is black, Outer tube is silver white
Options :Compatible with ENR'S handsets and power suppliers


Product Description
Detailed product description

Linear Actuator is a mechanical device converting electric energy to mechanical energy of movement

It posess the features of light weight, compact size, easy installation, high load and energy-saving, comparing with the hydraulic and pneumatics ones. It reduces the tedious system and weight. It can realize the concentration and automatic control, widely used in metallurgy, mining, power industry, coal mine, transportation, food processing, chemical industry, building etc.

Easy to maintain, low noise, it can work under high or low temperature, erosion and explosive severe atmosphere, durable.


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